Sandra Liberta is a mystical artist who practises shamanism and yoga. Her artwork has been inspired by meditation, supererogatory rituals, Tarot cards reading and mirrors. These unlock a special psychic zone responsible for altering the state and form of the consciousness of the one. Consciousness is not lost; however, the artist experiences a different mindset. Mysticism enables the artist to go beyond a present and search for a truth which cannot be explained by logical thinking.

Sandra expresses her views and senses in a variety of forms: art installations, sculpture, performance, expanded field, public and process art. While studying Fashion, the artist learned to analyse the human body to the smallest detail. It assists the artist greatly while visualising the human body in the form of sculpture. Design and Art studies gave Sandra Liberta an understanding in the use of materials such as plastic, mirror, glass, metal, wood, clay, rocks, shells as well as how to manipulate them. Artist has developed a unique technique which allows combining a passion for colours and manipulation of materials while committing to the sustainability of the environment by using a 100% eco recycled materials. The technique involves cutting the recycled plastic bottles into small pieces, boiling in a dye and melting in the oven. Once it melts, the mass is ready to form objects by using a heating gun. Such forms are then ready to be used in the artwork.

The latest esoteric trip to Siberia indulged Sandra into deep analysis and understanding of five main elements of nature and energy: fire, earth, air, water and ether. An opportunity to explore Siberian culture provided the artist with some interesting techniques of Eastern mysticism. The mystical experience and its diverse forms reflect in the latest Sandra’s art pieces which are on display in the exhibitions.